Battling Ropes Fitness — 11/12/13

Fitness Ropes – 11/12/13

While tempting to do something around the 11-12-13 date sequence, tonite we’ve got a threesome  of triples.  Note – agility ladder on hold til Thursday since we need to secure it to the floor and this would be challenging in the dance studio!



Beg/Intermediate – 25/25/25 x 3 each triplet – rest 1 minute between triplets

Advanced – 30/30/30 x 3 each triplet – rest 45 seconds between triplets



Triple #1

Rope Bicep Curl | Wall Sit | Cross Body Mountain Climber

Triple #2

Rope Low Speed Wave | Total Body Extension | Spiderman Pushup

Triple #3

Rope Hammer Curl | Step/Hop Overs | Band Pulls


TBE – add jump to top position to increase intensity

Spiderman Pushup – back off to lesser pushup to decrease intensity

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