Battling Ropes Fitness – 11/7/13

Fitness Ropes – 11/7/13

Last week’s 10 station circuit was fun and effective .. so we’re bringing back that format this week, but in the AMRAP format!


We’re going 30 seconds work, 5 seconds transition. Maintain the sequence order – rest as needed and then resume into any open station.  Beginner/Intermediate class will go for 15 minutes, Advanced class will go 20 minutes.

Exercise Sequence

Rope Jump Jack (Ropes)

Prisoner Squat

Speed Wave (Ropes)

Lateral Hop Scotch (Agility Ladder)

High Wave (Ropes


Medium Circles (Ropes)

Icky Shuffle (Agility Ladder)

Jumping Rope (alt – Squat Jumps)

Pushups (any flavor!)

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