Sunburst – 10/20/13

Here is the scoop on today’s final of the four fall sessions at Sunburst…

2 complete trips up and down the hill…

3 stops up … 3 stops down —- you may decide which trio to do in which direction….

2 lanes — do one on the way up, the other on the way down.  Assume a run up, a brisk walking pace coming down.

Lane 1:  Ropes (reps posted at each hub)

A.  High Slams –

B.  Circles

C.  Alternating Wave

Lane 2:  Bodyweight Exercises ++ (reps posted at each stop)

A.  2 Hand Kettlebell Swing

B.   Pushup   (there may be an option to do suspension inverted rows .. TBD..)

C.  Cross Body Mountain Climbers

There will be a 35-50 yard span from start to first/last stations both top and bottom…

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