Sunburst – 10/13/13

IMG_00001Here is our workout for session 3 of the 4 part series at Sunburst

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The workout will be bookended by Yoga courtesy of Shari Bestor of Balancing Arts Studio

Workout alternates between two states: ropes and a bodyweight exercise – if working in pairs on a rope, you may start in either state.  All movements today combine add rope resistance to a standard bodyweight exercise followed by a pure bodyweight exercise.

Format  is 25/25 x 4 rounds  Rest 1:30 between rounds

Combo Jump Slam + burpee | Plank Hold

Combo Alt Wave + Static Reverse Lunge (left) | Prisoner Squat

Combo Claps + Side Shuffle | T-Pushup or Push Throughs

Combo Alt Wave + Static Reverse Lunge (right) | Sumo Squat


Hill Finisher:

10 x 40 yards — you choose from 3 levels of incline difficult

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