Weekender 8/17-18

We did a pair of fairly challenging sessions this week (and for myself, I slipped a hill session in on the day between them!) so we’ll recover a bit this weekend.  Focus of very precise and clean movements in today’s circuit — things like making sure knees track in line with toes, pausing under tension and contracting muscle are all on the docket!

Pick Saturday or Sunday for this, and do something active but relaxing on the other day.  A bike ride, a brisk walk or yoga are all great options.

The workout: (you need a timer of some kind — we’re going 30 seconds work, 10 second rest – grab a quick drink between rounds and fire it back up quickly)

Warm up with some mobility actions like arm circles, pendulums with knee bend, twists, etc. .. then…

4 Rounds of:

Alternating Reverse Lunge (add a pair of dumbbells to up the ante a bit)

Low Plank Hold  (really squeeze core and glutes!!)

Alternating T Pushup (make this one harder by putting a regular pushup between each T and pause for a 3 count halfway down)

Seal Jacks (or regular jumping jack .. amp it up by jumping rope instead)



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