Training Log – 8/14/13

A little late getting this one into the digital archive…

I’ve set myself a small target of doing hill work at least once a week .. next week is already scheduled as we take A WOD in the Park back up to Sunburst for a special session which will feature not just a ropes and hills workout but also a gentle transition back to normal life via Yoga, led by local instructor Sheri Bestor.

But for this week, since the high school soccer team did their traditional Tuesday morning hill session at Mee Kwon Park and I have 2 now playing for CHS, back to Mee Kwon I went… and here’s what I did… (other than find 2 golf balls… that was a bonus..)

4 rounds of….

1.  220 yard run up the hill (all the way up over the top bump…)

2. At top, 10 x Prisoner Squats + 10 x Cross Body Mountain Climbers

3. Walking recovery back to start

I do love to work hills … so much done in so little time….

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