Your Weekender for 8/10-11

For the weekend workout, you’ll need a little space .. hey, here’s a thought … go to a park!  Do this on Saturday or Sunday and go for a nice brisk walk  or bike ride or do yoga on the other day.

Do a few minutes of warmup to get your body temp up a bit and joints loosened up .. then do 4 rounds of the following .. rest for 30 seconds to a minute between rounds…

1.  25 jumping jacks

2. 25 yard walking lunges

3. 10 pushups

4. 25 yard sprint back to where you started

5. 25 “rep” of the body saw (count 1 every time you rock forward

Transition back to your day with a few minutes of the Sun Salutation sequence … contact coach if you need a diagram of that..


… and we’ll see you Tuesday back at Cedar Pointe Park for a ropes focused session.


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