Weekender – 8/3-4/13

Hey Park WOD-ers .. here’s a weekend workout for you …

We call this a ladder … you pick a number of repetitions to do and a pair of exercises .. for one of them, you start with 1 rep and go up, the other, start at the max and workdown.

So… here’s a ladder for this weekend…

Let’s say 12 reps…   exercises are Total Body Extensions (substitute prisoner squats if you like…) and Pushups

Round one .. 12 TBEs/ 1 Pushup

Round two.. 11 TBEs / 2 Pushups

Round three.. 10 TBEs / 3 Pushups

….. and so until you get to 1 TBE and 12 Pushups …

Feeling like you need more .. grab a drink, rest for 2 minutes and do it again….

See ya Tuesday!

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