A Ladder for the Long Weekend

Okay, we all probably celebrated in ways which were a tad unhealthy yesterday and some are probably still celebrating and making a long weekend out of it. But falling off the wagon doesn’t mean we can’t stay on track…

Here’s a couple ladder format workous (just 2 exercises) that you can do .. maybe Friday and Sunday ???? … and then we’ll see you over at hill at Grafton Lions Park next Tuesday..

2 exercise ladder .. start with 1 rep each, then 2 reps each, then 3 reps each .. all the way to 10.

1. Burpee or Kettlebell 2 hand front swing

2. Air (bodyweight only) Squat


1. Pushup

2. Alternating Reverse Lunge (1 rep means left and right…)

…..scale the intensity as needed . the bold are welcome to start a watch and post their time!

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