Spassland – 6/27/13

Here’s the plan for our 6/27 WOD at Spassland Park

5 station circuit — 2 exercises per station. Alternate between the two exercises, doing specified number of reps of each twice (A-B-A-B)

Rep count each exercise is 10, except the movement station which is 30 yards (15 yards out and back)

Here are the stations:  (we’ll demonstrate each after the warmup)

1.  A.Battling Ropes  B. Med Ball Slamsspasslandplayground

2.  (Suspension straps for both)  A. Bicep Curls  B.  Tricep Extensions

3.  A. Pushup  B.  Inverted Row

4.  A. Duck Walk  B.  Bear Crawl  (15 yards out and back for each  X 2)

5.  A. Goblet Squat or Landmine Lumberjack Squat B. Vertical Frog Leap


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