Cedar Pointe – 6/20/13

Here is our workout to be held at Cedar Pointe Park (adjacent to the Cedarburg Police Station).  Note — due to road construction on Wauwatosa Rd, it is easiest to get to the park from either Lincoln or Evergreen Ave.  Of course, if you live in Cedarburg, you’ve probably already grumbled about all the construction!

We’ll have 5 “stations” .. format is 45/15 X 2, with 1 minute rest between rounds.  We’ll plan for 2 rounds, but the hardcore can hang and do another round or two if desired! For those unfamiliar with the notation, 45/15×2 translates to 45 seconds work followed by 15 seconds rest (transition between stations really..). Go through each station once, then rest for a minute.  Repeat.

The stations can be done in any order, but rotate on the timer (we’ll come back to “density training” later in the summer…)

1.  Battling Ropeslandmine-press

2.  Inverted Row (suspension straps with handles — we’ll hang them from the south soccer goal)

3.  Landmine Lumberjack Press

4.  Mountain Climber

5.  Inchworm

                                                              Hey, still no burpees????  .. how did that happen… hmmmm!!!!




We’ll do a group warmup and cooldown and hopefully wrap it all up inside of 30 minutes.

If you haven’t seen all these before, no worries!!! We will demonstrate each one before we turn you loose.

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