Workout Modes and Tools

I do not subscribe to any particular methodology beyond the notion that everything you’ve heard of probably has some merit.  I have personally done elements of Insanity, P90X, Turbulence Training, CrossFit, MRT, HIIT and on and on. (and love all of them!)  Our workouts are likely to have elements you are familiar with and if you tried any of the well known (and sort of pricey…) programs out there, you’ll be right at home.  If not, you’re probably in for a treat!  I’m especially fond of movements which have carryover into our every day lives … sitting down and standing up, pushing and pulling things, lifting things …. you know, every day things like putting grocery bags in the trunk, lifting a child out of crib, sitting down (and later having to stand up!) on a tiny student chair at a school program, dropping your keys and having to retrieve them .. everyday stuff…

(oh, and I think obstacle racing is way cool … my intro to it was not sport or fitness related, but came at the Army Ranger Course .. The Darby Queen at Camp Darby (click HERE for pics!!) near Ft Benning, GA.  Today, that bit of organized torture has been converted to one of the fastest growing sports on the planet…)

We focus mainly on building awareness of our body and the mechanics of movement.  Most exercises are compound/complex movements, meaning that we are engaging multiple muscle groups.  I am a firm believer that one, isolation exercises are generally not recommended because people tend not to do them in complementary opposing pairs and second, I don’t like machines because the vast majority of them are used to do isolation exercises.  Most of what we do falls into the general realm of high intensity interval training, but done using simple accessories or just bodyweight.

Among the accessories … suspension straps, medicine balls, battling ropes, kettlebells, slosh pipes, sandbags, tires, slam balls, resistance bands, big rocks, tires and natural terrain.

The workouts will follow this general format:

3-5 minutes of warmup — raise our heart rate and body temp, increase mobility targeted at areas involved in the work

6-18 minutes of workout — we’ll run, we’ll jump, we’ll do things for time, we’ll do things in reps and sets … expect the unexpected and I promise something different every time

3-5 minutes of transition back to a resting state (call this a cooldown if that’s what works for you…)

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